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Do you have a keen interest in hockey? Do you love to write about all things hockey? Do you have proven experience in journalism or writing for other hockey blogs? We are looking for you!

Submit a sample article (350 word min.), with an intro about yourself and what you would like to cover (i.e. team, trades, general news etc)

Terms & Conditions

  • We pay based on experience – $25USD per article is the baseline and payments via PayPal once published.
  • You can still write for other sites
  • You CANNOT post articles written for Pucky in other places. – all content is exclusive to Pucky
  • Plagiarism is NOT accepted – all articles will be reviewed
  • All copyright for the content is transferred to Pucky.
  • You can take excerpts from your articles and use them on other sites, but must provide a link to our site.
  • Articles should be 1000 words or more – we’ll pay you more for depth articles.
  • No advertising policy – articles should be value driven for readers engagement.
  • No SPAM Articles will be accepted for SEO purposes
  • If you’re seeking paid placement or sponsored articles enquire here.